Dr. God: The Power of Innate Intelligence (Part Two)

If we’re designed for perfect health and perfect bodyweight (as I keep insisting!), why then do we become overweight, fatigued and sick? Why is our body’s Innate Intelligence failing us? Simply put, health problems of any kind—from excess weight, to acne, to allergies, to cancer—mean that laws of nature have been broken.

From the holistic point of view, your body is always only trying to create perfect health. It’s always “wanting” or “tending” to move in that direction. A classic holistic health analogy: Think of every health situation in your body like a cut on your finger. Your body is always “trying” to create your perfect weight and health, just as surely as it’s always trying to heal a cut finger. You don’t have to “do” anything to make your body heal your cut finger. Your body’s not about to just “forget” how. Nor has it forgotten how to bring you to your ideal weight and stupendous health. It’s simply been overwhelmed.

That means that a lifetime of radiant health and slimness is simply about getting out of the way of your body’s immense Innate Intelligence. It’s about not interfering with that intelligence; about cooperating with it, allowing it. It’s about unburdening the body, so that Innate Intelligence can do its work. All you have to do is align yourself to the laws of nature: eat clean and pure, rest, get the right exercise, handle stress wisely. And trust the inherent health of your body, with its infinite genius, to heal everything in its own mysterious way. It knows how. That’s the power and the gift of Innate Intelligence that you’ve been given.

And, if you've not noticed, we're MADE of food. Take your hand and grab hold of your thigh. Feel that leg? That's what you ate over the last several months. Literally. In Hindu and Yogic terminology, they call our physical body "the food-body." That's why eating a broad-spectrum, whole-foods, super-clean diet is the bedrock foundation of outrageous health.