DHEA & Hormone Health

Listened today to a cool interview with Dr. Norman Shealy. He has some nice simple advice on how to keep DHEA levels up naturally—without TAKING it, never a wise choice, according to him. Here's what he says to do:

Take, daily:

Vit. C, 2 grams 
MSM, 1 gram
60 mcg of Molybdenum
6 mg Beta 1-3 Glucans
Magnesium chloride lotion (I've heard many folks talking about this lately as a powerful way to actually get magnesium into your body in an absorbable way)

The last thing on Dr. Shealy's list is Natural Progesterone Cream (from wild yams), but Dr. Theresa Dale says such things are bad in the long run and, for whatever reason, she convinced me. 

Dr. Shealy says that these things, combined, can raise DHEA levels 250%. DHEA has been called a "superhormone." It is widely regarded as a powerful anti-aging hormone, and low levels of DHEA are correlated with loss of muscle mass, bone density and reduction in immune system function.

But I'll tell you, after years of study, where I come out is this: The bottom line for hormone health is essentially like this: 

*Make inner-peace and calm and happiness priority number one
*Get enough good quality sleep
*Resistance training
*Good EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids)
*Clean, rejuvenative diet of whole foods, mostly raw plants

Remember, we're only as healthy as our hormones. Hormones are key!

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