Today's Godzilla and Smog Monster Green Smoothie (A break from my blogging break)

Yes, as I mentioned in the previous post, I am indeed taking a break from blogging until the new, revamped, redesigned blog is up and rolling. It's going to have a ton of super cool, user-friendly articles and videos and all sorts of stuff. (Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter so I can tell you all about it, once it's up!) But, since people are still dropping by and checking this blog out (yay, you!), I figured I'd go ahead and describe today's green smoothie. Although it was actually brown...ish...purple.

In fact, remember the Smog Monster that Godzilla fought? It looked a lot like him. Except instead of being made of toxins, it was made of stuff that gets RID of toxins, so in that sense it was more like Godzilla, who, of course, handily dispatched the Smog Monster. But I digress.

1) First I started my tea boiling very low (ceramic pot, yada yada), of Chanca Piedra, Nettles and Pau d'Arco. That's gonna be my liquid. I also started my 4 T. of chia seeds soaking in a big coffee mug of purified water.

2) I hacked open my young coconut with my machete, all Samurai Raw Food Guy. Put the "meat" into the Vita Mix.

3) Added 1 T. raw cacao nibs, 2 T. maca, 2 heaping t. spirulina, bunch-o'-ginger, about 4 inches of burdock root, 1 peeled lemon, a big handful of parsley, a handful of raw pumpkin seeds. I chopped the veggies to be added (coming up). By now the tea decoction was looking pretty ready, so I cooled it with some ice cubes, and did some other kitchen stuff while it cooled down. Then I used it to blend up all the above stuff, including the chia seeds.

3) Once that was pretty well liquified, I threw in celery, broccoli, green pepper, beet and cucumber (David Jubb has convinced me to give a rest to the leafy greens). Then I put in 1 bag of frozen organic cherries and a banana. Also, I threw in abunch of PRL (Premier Research Labs) absurdly, comically pure, whole-food supplements, like 6 caps of turmuric, aloe and such.

4) Right before I stopped blending, I added a big handful of pinenuts and 10 Brazil nuts, only blending them briefly, because my gorgeous wife likes some crunchiness in her smoothies.

T'was a right mean smoothie it'was!


Kristen's Raw said...

Wow! That is one hell of a smoothie!

mark said...

Thanks for the comment, Kristen. Yep, it was indeed. Notice I never mentioned anything about it tasting good. Apparently I overlooked that little detail.

yusuf said...

hahaha, Ultraman in here....