Absurdly Easy Snack

I only do one kind of snack: Absurdly easy ones. Plain old "easy" snacks don't cut it. Absurdly or nothing. It's all about the absurdity. Here's a new one I stumbled on to. Ready with pen and paper? Okay. Drum roll, please. Figs and raw olives. Together at last. Crazy mad yumminess.

You buy the dried figs (I like the mission ones) and soak 'em overnight, or all day, in a glass of water (fridge or not). Or if you're Warren Buffet, you can buy the fresh figs (for the 8 days that they're available each year). Then you scarf, along with the raw olives. Take a bite of a fig, and pop an olive in your mouth. Chew. Swoon. Not rocket science.

I go for the raw Kalamatas. If you're in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area, they've started carrying raw olives at The Wedge Co-op. Otherwise you can get them on-line.


It's all about the sweet and salty combo. They're just like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, except not at all. But darn yummy all the same.

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