Green Smoothies (or sometimes red or brown or blue)!

In a post a while back I listed the ingredients I used in a special “mood” smoothie. Since then, I’ve had a few requests for a “normal,” everyday smoothie. Here it is:

1) Fruit as a base. Can be a young coconut (water and meat) and/or a banana and/or an orange. Any fruit, really. Grapes, apple, frozen organic berries (yes, freezing ‘em wipes out a bunch of the enzymes, but still pretty healthy), pineapple, mango, whatever. Plus I always add Goji berries, no matter what other fruit is in there. I peel and toss in a whole lemon pretty often, too.

2) Dark leafy greens. I rotate kale, spinach, collards, dandelion greens, and sometimes weirder, freakier greens (escarole, etc.).

3) A handful of raw, organic nuts and/or seeds. For nuts: walnuts, pecans (Taoists are big on pecans!), almonds, pine nuts, Brazil nuts. For seeds: chia (soaked overnight, about 2 tablespoons), hemp, sunflower, pumpkin.

4) Water.

5) If I'm NOT using a young coconut, I'll add a couple tablespoons of raw coconut oil (Tropical Traditions).

6) An avocado (peeled, seeded). Add this last, cuz' it thickens the thing so much, and so quickly, that it makes blending tougher.

7) Cinnamon, mon (a rasta comment)

Start with a small amount of greens and gradually build, minimizing the fruit little by little until you find that line where it still tastes good but is not a sugar bomb. Don’t worry. That line will move (toward more and more veggies) as you get healthier and healthier. The big, big super crazy health is in the greens, so you want as many of those bad boys as are palatable. Keep edging it up.

In a hurry, that’s enough. That’s a perfectly fine, basic, respectable smoothie. However, mine have gotten a little fancier over the years. Here’s what ELSE might go into mine (bearing in mind they’re different every day), in ADDITION to the above.

1) Fresh ginger, an inch or so.

2) Burdock root (about 4 inches)

3) Stinging nettle decoction for my liquid. Packed with massive, disease-crushing minerals. Put 1 cup in a 1 quart mason jar, fill with boiling water before bed, let it steep, covered, over night (got this from Patrick Timpone on One Radio).

4) Other veggies. Whatever’s around. Broccoli, bell peppers, green beans, carrot, whatever. Plus I always add celery. (Bernard Jensen revealed how the organic sodium in the celery helps the organic calcium from the greens stay “in solution” in the body so the cells can actually use it.). Oh, and very commonly I add some beet.

5) Occasionally I’ll add some raw egg yolks.

6) Maca. About 2 tablespoons.

7) All sorts of PRL’s beautiful, insanely-pure superfoodish supplement-ish things. These are always changing, but lately it’s been: dark cherry concentrate, pomegranate concentrate, colostrum, tocotrienals.

There you have it, folks. Enjoy!

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