Potent Quotes from Cheri Huber

I think that, for anyone in the amazing process of transforming how they eat, the wisdom of Cheri Huber is indispensable.

“Most people hold an unshakable belief that the primary reason they are ‘good’ is that they punish themselves when they are ‘bad.’…The process of self-hate is so much a part of the average person that we don’t even recognize it. We think we’re just doing the things that will insure we’ll be good. It’s normal, we say. Everybody does it. Or should.”

“Any time a voice is talking to you that is not talking with love and compassion, DON’T BELIEVE IT!…If the voice is not loving, don’t listen to it, don’t follow it, don’t believe it. NO EXCEPTIONS! Even if it says it’s ‘for your own good,’ it is not. It’s for its own good, not yours. This is the same as when parents talk to you in a hateful tone of voice ‘for your own good.’ It’s for their good. It makes them feel better. It does not make you better. (And it does not make you behave ‘better’.)”

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