Gabriel Cousens Quote on Emotional Eating

Today I have a quote for you from Gabriel Cousens. His hefty book, Conscious Eating, has been one of my nutritional "Bibles" for years. Here's a passage from that book:

“For many people, eating may be a mechanism for suppressing a variety of feelings, avoiding sexual tensions, and/or avoiding certain painful aspects of their lives. Some people eat in an attempt to make themselves feel good. Others may eat in order to deaden themselves to their feelings or their lives in general. Some overeat in a conscious effort to self-destruct. For others, eating becomes an addictive way of handling life. Some are so afraid of their inner life that when God calls, they would rather reach for another plate of ice cream than heed this call. Overeating is a way of numbing oneself to life…

“For many people, overcoming their food transferences and food issues can require intense and difficult work that takes them to the very core of their psychological beings…"

All I wanna know is, who eats ice cream on a plate? You KNOW you're a health nut when you don't even REMEMBER how normal people eat ice cream! (The plate of ice cream comes, I presume, after you've had enough spoons full of pizza...) ;-)

I kid because I love!

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Holly said...

Too funny! I'm reading this book right now, about halfway through and loving it!