You Are Energy

On my website I have several free articles originally published by small health newspapers in the Twin Cities area (I wasn’t quite as tight an editor back then, but I think there’s still some nifty stuff in them). Check ‘em out. Below are a few excerpts from one called, Cultivate Your Energy Body. Enjoy!

“…by eating lots of raw, or “live” foods, we literally consume bioelectric life force. The enzymes in live plant foods have been shown to be little reservoirs of life force. In addition, the water in raw foods has a unique “colloidal energy” known as zeta potential, having to do with positively charged particles in the water. Actual, hard-science instrumentation measures a potent electromagnetic field surrounding and permeating raw foods. For reasons like these, many raw foodies say that eating raw foods is “eating sunlight.”

…In his book, Biophoton: The Light in Our Cells, researcher Marco
Bischof says, “The biophoton light is stored in the cells of the organism, and a dynamic web of light constantly released and absorbed may connect cells, tissues and organs within the body.”

…cultivating an energy body is about cultivating a body that is clean and light. This is a body with clean lymph, pristine extra cellular fluid bathing all your cells. In this body, cells shine. Energy flows freely. This is why people who eat rejuvenative diets gradually eat less and less food, often only eating two, and sometimes one, light meal per day. Their bodies are clear, light and beautifully efficient. They’re living more on energy than on food.

… If our bodies are organized by and in energy fields, then our vision of dietary health must go far beyond mere concerns about, “this vitamin” or “that antioxidant.” We must begin to learn about conducting energy, or light. I believe that the most profound levels of conducting energy must involve a deep process of emotional opening (which, of course, is not the topic of this article). But the most foundational level—that’s all about what we eat!”

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